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In many steps –
A unique freshness

The quality of our ingredients is not only the result of a series of checks and analyses - it is also the result of the professionalism of our employees and our external partners.

This is evidenced by our development, together with an independent experienced food laboratory, of a database-based test system called QCCP®, which collects all of the relevant risk factors for our products and thereby determines the tests to be carried out and their frequency.

How we ensure the high quality of our ingredients using our internal and external laboratories, is detailed on this page.


Our organoleptic tests

The shape, colour, aroma, flavour and volume of our ingredients are no accident. After all, these qualities are analysed by the staff of our in-house laboratory immediately upon delivery. Freeze-Dry Foods guarantees flawless raw materials right from the start - and then through the further processing of our drying operations.


Our microbiological tests

In addition to the organoleptic tests, a microbiological analysis of our ingredients is part of our quality promise.

For many years, we have worked together with a renowned partner, leader in consulting and  analytical testing. As well as our product related standard analyses, we can also carry out special analyses according to customer requests.


Our sustainability policy

You can download our sustainability strategy and environmental policy here

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